General and Biochem Services

Pregnancy Testing

Equine chorionic gonadotrophin (45-100 days) a quantitative early test performed daily in the lab. Oestrone sulphate (>120 days) later pregnancy testing – turnaround 3-4 days.


A quantitative test performed daily in the lab, useful for indication of transfer of transfer of colostral immunity, IgG levels are sometimes required for insurance purposes.

AST & CK (muscle profile)

Plasma or serum required.
Elevations suggest acute myopathy; second samples taken approximately 14 days after an episode of azoturia give a useful guide to recovery.

Liver Profile

Plasma or serum required.
AST, GGT, TP ALB: Glob ratio and Bile Acids, useful indictors of liver function.

Kidney Profile

Plasma or serum required.
Urea, Creatinine, T.P. Alb: Glob ration

Tracheal/BAL Wash

Please submit in sterile normal saline (50ml)
Macroscopic and microscopic examination, including bacteriological culture for Strep. Pneumoniae, Bordetella and Pasteurella sp.


Faecal worm egg count using a floatation and Macmaster method which will show low numbers of Strogyle, while also checking for Ascarid and Strongyloid spp.
Liver Fluke microscopic examination using the Zinc Sulphate method.
Cryptosporidium a stained smear to microscopically examine for oocytes.
Lung worm using the Baermann gravitation funnel method.
Rotavirus – foal scour examined for the presence of Rotavirus antigen.


The test is performed by BioBest, who outside AHVLA are the only recognised laboratory for the Pet Travel Scheme in the UK. With an anticipated turnaround of 3-4 days BioBest are offering this preferential rate for samples referred through J.S.C. Equine Laboratory. Please contact the laboratory for a supply of the specific request forms for this test.

Submission Form

Download a Sample Submission Form.