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Mare and stallion swabs can be processed by using either qPCR (1 day ) or the conventional culture (7 days) method.

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Same day results are now available using the new direct quantitative assay from leading technology company Qaigen CEM organism-specific DNA and RNA is amplified for reliable detection, this offers several advantages over the conventional culture method. View our Brochure for more details.


All genital swabs are cultured under aerobic and microaerophilic conditions. Aerobic results (Klebsiella pneumoniae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa) are available after 24/48 hours, Klebsiella typing for K1 K2 or K5 will take longer. Microaerophilic cultures for Contagious Equine Metritis are available as a preliminary report after 4 days with a final report and issuing of certificates at 7days. CEM is notifiable to AHVLA. Please consult the BEVA for swabbing procedures.


Certificate, ELISA or VNT test, 1ml serum required.
Vaccinated Stallions & Teasers will require a VNT test
EVA is notifiable to the AHVLA.


Certificate, ELISA or Coggins 1ml serum required. EIA is notifiable to the AHVLA.

Please contact the laboratory for EVA & EIA certification for export.

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