JSC Equine Laboratory has been approved since 1995 for the testing and certification of CEM, Klebsiella pneumoniae & Pseudomonas aeruginosa

CEM with Certification for PCR and conventional culture

TKP qPCR (triple test)
Same day result with certificate
    with EVA with EVA & EIA
Per mare £28.00 £31.50 2/3 days £39.50 2/3 days
Set of 3/4 stallion swabs £65.00
Aerobic and microaerophilic culture 7 days
    with EVA with EVA & EIA
Per swab £15.50 £26.00 £36.50
2 mare swabs £25.00 £35.50 £46.00
3/4 stallion swabs £38.00 £49.00 £60.00
Klebsiella capsule typing £38.00 (required on positive isolates)

Additional tests available

Mare Endometrial Swabs
Aerobic culture and cytology smear report £22.00 24 & 48 hours reports
with microaerophilic culture £27.50 7 days
with TKP qPCR £39.00 24 hours
Serology Only
EVA £12.00
EIA £12.00
Combined EVA & EIA £23.00
EIA coggins £21.00
EVA (vaccinated stallions) VNT £35.00

Discounts are available for batches of animals tested, please contact the laboratory to discuss your needs.

All prices are subject to VAT at the standard rate

Please contact the laboratory if you have any queries regarding the above

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